Lean Startup Garage

Why we’ve found our secret sauce in this lean mean hybrid machine

While we have enjoyed the merits of remote working through the lockdown, we’ve found that nothing can replace the raw, palpable energy that comes from being thrown in a room together. (No, zoom breakout rooms don’t count). So we began experimenting with the concept of a *lean startup garage,* and found an online-offline balance that’s right for us.

Every month, we meet as a lean team of 10-12 people to engage in short bursts of high-focus strategic discussions. These concentrated sprints enable faster ideation and more efficient collaboration, pushing us to fail fast and run faster as a team.

LSG is more a mindset than a practice, and works impeccably well to galvanise all teams into fresh action. Here’s what the remnants of our last LSG (in our fav pad in downtown Goa, no less) look like.

When we’re not in LSG mode, we’re a tight-knit hybrid team, with a core team working out of Mumbai and extended teams across 13 states. We continue to welcome remote candidates for our open positions.